Book 2

Book 2

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Shannon's Secret

What do you do when your mate can’t remember you?

Shannon Bennett is heartbroken. She is used to being invisible, but when she met Corbett, she finally found the one person who truly sees her and is meant to love, respect, and honor her.

Corbett Grayson is a powerful enforcer for Dante DeForest’s pack. During their enslavement on Abidem, he was repeatedly punished with silver-tipped weapons for protecting his pack mates. That silver has infected his brain.

When he’s within Shannon’s arms, her scent tells him that she’s his. Her kindness and gentle heart are his home. He loves her and aches to have a future and a family with her.

He forgets Shannon when he isn’t with her and is confused when he’s near her. He doesn’t realize that each time he doesn’t recognize her, he hurts her.

Shannon wants Corbett to remember her and the love that they share. Until he does, she will keep her secret.

This novel is in the very early stages of development.

It will be a while before it's ready for publication.


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