Circle Three Ranch

Beckett's Wolf Pack, Triad Mates

Novel 4

Abbey's Protectors

Circle Three Ranch

Beckett's Wolf Pack, Triad Mates 4

Hunter, Abbey, and Clay's Story

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1st Edition Release Date: June 19, 2013

(No longer available.)

2nd Edition Release Date: To Be Determined

Novel 4

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LM Dreams

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Abbey's Protectors

Abbey Tyler is a successful business woman who has made one huge mistake. She married a man who only wants control of her business and her money. He is willing to do anything to get them—including killing her. To make sure that doesn’t happen, she does the only thing she can think of. She runs.

Hunter Stewart and Clayton Forest are the gorgeous heartthrobs of Beckett’s Wolf Pack. They’re perceived as players who want nothing but a succession of dates and a good time. But they’re dedicated police officers who protect Beckett’s pack and the members of the human community. They long for the time when they will find their triad mate.

The Fates have destined Abbey to be the woman who will ease their loneliness and heal their souls. Her dream of finding love and having a family will finally come true as long as Hunter and Clay can protect her and their unborn child from her husband.

Abbey's Protectors is not available at this time.

It is currently being revised and re-edited

for future publication.


     "I'm so cold," she whispered.

     Clay cuddled her closer against his body. His emotions were warring with each other. He loved that she was in his arms, but he worried that she was burning with fever.

     “I’ve got you, honey,” Clay told her softly, leaning in and resting his face against her right cheek.

     “What’s your name, sweetheart?” Hunter asked her as he pushed her hood back, carded his fingers through her soft, brown hair, and massaged her head lightly. He loved the darkness of her tresses and the soft silkiness of the long strands despite the blood that soaked into the right side of her hair along her temple.

     “That feels nice,” she murmured, leaning into his touch. “Thank you.”

     “My pleasure, darlin’,” Hunter whispered, overwhelmed with being in the presence of the woman he knew would bring love and happiness into their lives. “I’ll be happy to touch you like this any time.”

     Abbey looked up at him and smiled, reaching up to gently rub the back of her knuckles across his cheek before rubbing her thumb across his square jaw. “Be careful with offering me that,” she told him, smiling. “I might just take you up on that.” She laughed softly then coughed as the chilly air of the early morning filled her lungs.

     Clay tightened his hold on her and stood carefully. Hunter picked up the blankets, duffle bag, and backpack that lay on the ground beside them and immediately took his place beside Clay as they walked the distance to the back of the house. He pressed against Clay’s side and wrapped his free arm around their mate’s body. He held her tightly between them, sharing his warmth with her. He smiled as she cuddled against them and accepted their warmth gratefully.

     “Thank you,” she whispered. She looked up at the man carrying her, saw the smudge of blood that was on his cheek, and reached up to wipe it gently from his face. “I’m sorry.”

     Clay nuzzled into her hand and kissed her palm lightly. “There’s nothing for you to be sorry for, honey,” he told her, his voice suspiciously gruff.

     “I don’t feel good,” Abbey whispered.

     “We know, sweetheart,” Hunter told her, leaning down to kiss her forehead lightly. “We’re going to take you to the hospital and make sure all of your injuries are taken care of.”

     “No!” Abbey croaked, struggling immediately and pushing herself from the strong arms that held her.

     Clay allowed her to push from his hold to stand between them but never stepped away from her as she began to sway with dizziness. “Honey, please let us take care of you. We’ll make sure you’re safe. We’ll protect you and help you.”

     “I don’t need help,” Abbey insisted, reaching out to hold onto the hands that both men offered her. “I’m fine. I just need to get warm.”

     “Sweetheart, you need medical attention,” Hunter told her gently. “You have an injury here.” He reached up and touched her right temple lightly. “And you’re burning up with a fever.” He ran the back of his knuckles across her cheek to soothe her.

     Abbey leaned into his touch and closed her eyes as the exhaustion that filled her made her crave his gentleness. She felt him press against her side and winced slightly as the pain in her left side flared.

     “You’re hurt here, too?” Clay asked her, touching her side gently.

     “I’m fine,” she insisted.

     “No, honey, you’re not,” Clay stopped her gently. “Please. Let us help you.”

     “But I don’t want you to be in danger,” she whispered, her body sagging against them both. “He’ll hurt you.” She knew this with certainty. If Peter had the lack of morals to actually shoot at her with every intention of killing her, he would not think twice about hurting anyone who helped her to escape and ruined his plans.

     “No one is going to hurt us,” Hunter told her softly, reaching out to cuddle her against his side. “And we’re damn sure going to make certain no one is going to hurt you either. You belong to us now, and we’re going to take care of you and protect you.”

     “I don’t understand,” Abbey told him, reaching up to rub her right temple, moaning when she opened up the gash that was crusted over with dried blood. “Who are you?”

     “My name is Hunter and his name is Clay,” he told her gently. “We’re your mates.”

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