The McKade Family and their friends have been blessed by the Great Spirit. Matings are destined to be, and happiness and love will flourish.

Colorado Territory


     An Indian brave fell in love with the daughter of a white settler. Their love was deep and pure, and they both knew that they had found their true mate. The young woman’s father captured the young brave and was determined to kill him for daring to fall in love with his daughter and taking her innocence. He beat and whipped the young brave while his true love was forced to watch. The father had every intention of killing his own daughter, too. He was not going to allow her to live and give birth to the brave’s child. But the daughter would not allow her mate to die alone. She ran to him, wrapped her arms around him, and tried to protect him from her father’s whip, receiving many lashes in her attempt to shield the man that she loved.

     Two young brothers who worked for the young woman’s father saw his cruelty and stepped forward to stop it. Putting their bodies between the couple and the girl’s father, they received several lashes of the whip themselves before they were able to overpower the crazed man. By that time, more of the ranch hands had come forward to help.  

     The two brothers hitched up a buckboard and took the couple to their parents’ ranch—the McKade Ranch. Their parents welcomed the ranch hands, and they took in the couple, taking care of their wounds and making them a part of their family. When their child was born, he was welcomed with love.

     Because of that unselfish act of compassion and caring, the Great Spirit blessed the land and the people. From that moment on, each person was gifted with a mark of golden, entwined links that appeared on the nape of their neck when their true mate was found and the mating was accepted by both mates. Since that time, every man had been taught the blessing to whisper as they held their destined mate in their arms.

     This blessing had been passed down through the generations and had been engrained in the culture of the land. To find your true mate and to be marked with the mating mark was truly a miracle—one that every person hoped would be gifted to them.

Novel 1

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John's Vision

John knew the moment he saw Jamie that she was his mate. His vision had given him a glimpse of the woman who would fill his life with the love and acceptance that he craved. She had appeared to him completely naked, beautiful, and pregnant, but the sadness in her eyes had always haunted him.

Jamie’s life had been one of isolation. She had always taken care of everyone else and had learned the hard way that love would not be a part of her life. That horrible night so many years ago had shattered her hopes for the future. A future with her would hold only emptiness.

John knew better. Jamie was perfect for him. She would bring fun and caring into his life. She would accept him, his mixed heritage, and his need to dominate without reservation. She would be the mother of his children and the keeper of his heart.

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Novel 2

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Touching Deuce

Gracie Emery believes her “gift” of being able to calm children and animals with her touch is a curse. Her touch also caused pain to any man who tried to get close to her. As a result she withdrew, determined not to touch any man, and condemning herself to a life of isolation.

James "Deuce" McKade had loved Gracie from the time they had been children. The thought of any man touching her made jealousy rear its ugly head. She was meant to be his mate, fill his heart with love and his home with children. He knew she would accept every part of his nature and willingly give him the gift of her submission.

He would prove to her that they were fated mates even if he had to tie her to his bed to make her listen! She was meant to be his. He just had to convince Gracie.

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Novel 3

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Claiming Lainey

Society doesn’t allow for three people to love each other. Lainey Markham knows this and is heartbroken. She has loved Tim Hughes and Spence McKade since she was a child and refuses to choose one man over the other. They call her their bridge. When she touches both of them, everything feels right, but she denies what is meant to be so her men won’t be hurt.

Spence and Tim have finally come to the realization that Lainey is their destined mate. They are determined that it’s about time Lainey realizes it, too. She is the woman who will be their friend, their lover, and the mother of their children. The hell with what society says. They will pursue her with purpose and will not give up until she is committed to them, living in their home, sleeping in their bed, and carrying their babies.

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Novel 4

Jake's Angel

Jake McKade is a man who needs control. The death of his parents made him understand that everyone he loves will be taken from him. Loving a woman would be no different. The accident that put him in the hospital made him give up on life. Until he met Claire.

Claire Hamilton can sense the emotions of others. She can’t survive the pain in her head from her empathic ability. Taking care of Jake allows her to see into his soul which tells her three things. He’s her shield from the pain of the world. He’s a good man whose need to dominate doesn’t frighten her. He’s her mate, and she wants him just the way he is.

He calls her his angel. He knows she’s his mate. Others plan to destroy their love. Their happiness depends on Jake finding the courage and the strength to accept the love of his angel and the babies she will gift him with.

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Cowboy Mates, Psychic Connections


M/F = Male/Female Romance

M/F/M = Male/Female/Male ~ Menage Romance



Novel 1 - John's Vision - John and Jamie's Story

Novel 2 - Touching Deuce - Deuce and Gracie's Story


Novel 3 - Claiming Lainey - Spence, Lainey, and Tim's Story


Novel 4 - Jake's Angel - Jake and Claire's Story

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