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Millie's Alpha

June 29, 2016

Millie Easton is a scientist who doesn’t follow orders—not when those orders tell her to abandon injured members of her team. During an emergency stop for fuel, she is witness to the horrors of a mining facility where she finds men who are considered barbarians because they can shift into wolves.

Alpha Dante DeForest and his men came to Abidem to mine crystals and ore. They lost their freedom the moment they proved themselves to be the perfect workforce. He mistrusts anyone who is not of his pack—until he meets the compassionate scientist who called to his soul. Her forbidden touch set them on a path to their destined mating no matter how much he fought it in order to protect her.

Threats from within the pack and outside worlds jeopardized their future, but love and destiny would not be denied. A life of happiness, love, and children would be theirs if Millie would take the chance and claim it.

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Novel 2

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LM Dreams

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Shannon's Secret

May 4, 2020

What do you do if your mate can’t remember you?

Shannon Bennett is heartbroken. She’s used to being invisible, but when she meets Corbett, she knows she’s finally found the one person who truly sees her.

Corbett Grayson is a powerful enforcer for Dante DeForest’s pack. During the pack’s enslavement at the mining facility on Abidem, he was repeatedly punished with silver-tipped weapons while protecting his pack mates. That silver has infected his brain.

When Shannon is within his arms, her scent tells him that she’s his. Her kindness and gentle heart are his home. He loves her and is determined to have a future and a family with her.

But, he forgets her when he isn’t with her. He doesn’t realize that each time he doesn’t recognize her as his mate, he hurts her.

Shannon needs Corbett to remember her and the love that they share. Until he does, she will keep her secret.

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