Circle Three Ranch

Beckett's Wolf Pack, Triad Mates

Novel 3

Novel 3

2nd Edition Release Date:

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Susannah's Saviors

Susannah Robinson thought her life was finally complete the night Drew and Carter claimed her as their triad mate. But Alpha Randall’s cruelty tore them apart.

Drew “Doc” Barrett and Carter Hutchinson are haunted by memories of the mate that was taken from them. When they begin to share visions of Suzie and the cub she was carrying that belonged to them, the sorrow of what would never be finally broke them. With Alpha Jace Beckett’s help, they plan to rescue their mate and reclaim the life that was meant to be theirs.

But Suzie didn’t believe in their love anymore. They hoped they could get her to soften her heart toward them and convince her that their love was worth fighting for. They are determined to be a reunited triad, living a destined, loving future together. They would protect her and their babies with their last breaths. They were never going to let anything tear them apart again.

Susannah's Saviors is not available at this time.

It is currently being revised and re-edited

for future publication.


He turned the truck toward the front porch of the small cabin and parked it just as Suzie ran down the front steps to meet them. His heart was immediately filled with peace at the sight of her. She was adorable. Her happiness was infectious. As she bounced down the three steps to stand beside the truck, he took in the beauty of their mate-to-be.

She was beautiful inside and out. Her kindness and caring touched their souls. Her beautiful, blonde hair was long—falling to the middle of her back. How many times had he and Carter talked about holding her silky hair in their fists as they made love to her? It was a fantasy they planned on seeing through to fruition that very night. And then they would be joined together as a mated triad that would be blessed by the Fates.

“Hello, Suzie Q!” Carter called out to her as he stepped from the truck and wrapped his arms around her to lift her into his embrace.

“Hello, my Carter,” Suzie whispered, kissing his lips lightly before grabbing his hair to hold him still while she rubbed her face against his whiskers.

The growl that escaped Carter at her need to have his scent on her was instant. He allowed her to take her fill of him, only pulling back when she released him. He smiled down at her before kissing her lips lightly.

“Are you happy now that you’re covered in my scent, baby?” he asked her, winking boldly.

“Not yet,” she told him, turning to grab for Drew as he stepped around the front of his truck to stand beside them. “Come here, my Drew, and let me touch you.”

“Oh, honey, that’s a request I’m happy to oblige,” he told her, stepping close and wrapping his arms around her as she leaned back against Carter.

Suzie reached up, took his face between her hands, and pulled him down to kiss him gently. “I love the way you smell,” she whispered as she rubbed her face against his cheek, pulling open his shirt so she could run her fingers through the black hair on his chest.

Drew smiled at Carter over the top of their mate’s head. Carter nodded and smiled back. They were going to have so much fun with her. Their future was going to be filled with laughter, love, and lots of touching!

“Are you finished touching, honey?” Drew asked her, laughing.

“I’ll never be finished touching,” she told him softly.

“Oh, honey,” Drew told her, sighing. “You don’t know how happy that makes me.”

Suzie looked over her shoulder at Carter. “Are you happy about that, too, Carter?” she asked him, winking.

The immediate smile that covered Carter’s face gave her all the answer she needed. Turning slightly, she wrapped her arms around both of their waists and hugged them tightly.

“Then we’re good,” she told them, laying her head against Carter’s chest and smiling up at both of them. “So what are we going to do tonight?”

Carter looked at Drew and waited. They had planned down to the very last detail how they would propose to their mate. Drew nodded and reached out to lift Suzie into his arms. She let out a squeal and giggled happily.

“Oh, you’re going all alpha on me! I love it,” she told him, laughing. She turned to look at Carter and reached out to take his hand in hers. “What about you, honey? Are you going to carry me off into the sunset?”

Carter laughed out loud. This woman made the anger leave his heart and replaced it with complete joy and love.

“Is that what you want, Suzie Q?” he teased her.

“Only if you promise to do it naked,” she told him seriously, the devilish twinkle in her eyes revealing her complete happiness.

“In the truck! Now!” Carter demanded, stepping back and pulling open the passenger side door.

Drew walked to the truck and gently lowered Suzie onto the bench seat, kissing her lips lightly before pulling back and looking down at her. She smiled up at him, touching his face tenderly before leaning in to rub her face against the whiskers of his cheek once again.

“Are you always going to rub your face against my whiskers?” he teased her.

“Yes,” she answered immediately. “Until I can get your clothes off and rub against other parts of your body.”

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