Circle Three Ranch

Beckett's Wolf Pack, Triad Mates

Novel 7

Kaley's Determined Mates

Circle Three Ranch

Beckett's Wolf Pack, Triad Mates 7

Nathaniel, Kaley, and Brett's Story

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Release Date: May 16, 2023

Novel 7

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LM Dreams

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Kaley's Determined Mates

Kaley Martin doesn’t trust men. Her sister was nearly beaten to death by one. Her own ex-husband used her, stole all her hard-earned money, and destroyed her confidence. She’s had enough.

Romance? No way. True love? It doesn’t exist.

Brett Garner and Nathaniel Barrett are trusted enforcers for Jace Beckett’s pack. They’re powerful protectors known for their fairness, their kindness, and their fierce sense of humor—humor that hides their pain and loneliness.

Kaley is theirs. She is caring, loving, and kind—a loyal friend and a champion for every person she knows. Her tenderness and compassion warm their hearts and give them comfort. How can she believe she has nothing to offer their triad?

They’re determined to prove to her that their triad is exactly as it should be. Their bond will soothe their worries and fears, and will open their hearts to the happiness, the love, and the houseful of children their future was meant to hold.

They just have to help her believe.

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Kaley snuggled beneath the many blankets that covered the inflatable mattress that she and Cammy were trying to sleep on. The power had been off for nearly three hours already, and the temperature within the apartment had dropped considerably. Although she knew she was exaggerating, it felt as if it was below freezing in her little apartment. Pulling the blankets below her chin, she took in a deep breath, grateful for the fresh air despite the cold.

She was completely exhausted, but her mind wasn’t allowing her to sleep. Too many thoughts raced through her brain—worry for her family, concern that she needed to find another second job or a better-paying accounting job, and the presence of the two men who were lying on the open couch beside her. All those things were playing in a never-ending loop of anxiety.

The soft glow of the small, emergency lanterns set on the two end tables in the living room allowed her to be able to see the four men who occupied the couches. Concentrating on the two men directly beside her, she couldn’t help but smile as she saw their feet sticking out from beneath the blankets and hanging off the end of the mattress. Their bodies were way too broad and too long to fit comfortably.

They had changed into black sweatpants and sweatshirts in order to sleep comfortably, which Kaley found absolutely adorable. Tough men in comfy sweats. Content within her home. It gave her a warm feeling inside. But seeing their socked feet exposed at the edge of the blankets on the too-short mattress, she couldn’t help but laugh softly at the sight.

Nathaniel leaned over, hanging his head off the side of the mattress to look at her. Kaley couldn’t help but smile wider when she saw his tousled black hair and sleepy eyes that were glowing a soft golden as he looked down at her.

“Are you laughing at us, woman?”


Nathaniel smiled instantly. “You’re asking for it,” he threatened.

“Oh, yeah. I’m really scared,” Kaley said quickly, snorting as she batted Nathaniel’s hand away as he reached for her. “Keep your hands to yourself, wolf boy.”

The joy that burst through Nathaniel in that moment was enough to light up his soul. He had never been so happy in his entire life. This sweet woman was exactly what he and Brett needed. She was strong and loving, and incredibly kind and caring. She called him on every bit of nonsense he threw her way. Their teasing didn’t bother her—throwing back a good bit of teasing of her own. She was perfect for them.

Turning to look at Brett, he saw his triad partner’s smile and knew that Brett was just as sure of Kaley being theirs as he was. But the worry in Brett’s eyes concerned him. He didn’t understand what Brett was going through. When they had some time to talk privately, he was going to find out what was making him question anything about their mating with Kaley.

She was going to be their best friend and their champion just as they would be hers. She was going to be a wonderful mate and mother to their cubs.

Turning back to her and seeing the instant smile she gave him that she tried to hide behind the blankets, he couldn’t help but smile down at her. He had never been so jealous of a blanket in his life. It was covering her body the way he and Brett wanted to.

“What did you call me?” Nathaniel asked her, a low growl rumbling through him. His wolf was enjoying playing with her. So was he.

“You heard me, wolf boy,” she told him, burrowing under the blankets and tucking them securely beneath her chin as she looked up at him.

“She’s got you there, Nathaniel,” Brett told him, smiling. He eased his body up in order to look down at Kaley, happiness filling him as he saw her.

“I think we should come down there and share that mattress with you. It looks a lot more comfortable and a little bit bigger than this contraption we’re on,” Nathaniel told her after a moment.

“You can switch with us,” Kaley offered. “Cammy and I will sleep on the pull-out couch. You two can have the inflatable mattress.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“I know what you meant,” Kaley said softly, unable to keep the sarcasm from her voice. “You’re hitting on the wrong woman.”

“We’re not hitting on you,” Nathaniel said without hesitation, concerned with the opinion that Kaley had formed about them.

“Yeah, you are. Find someone else to play with. I don’t do flings.”

“We don’t want that, Kaley,” Nathaniel spoke for both of them.

Kaley snorted in disbelief. All men wanted that. A quick conquest. Nothing more. She was sick of it.

“Sweetheart, we would never do that to you,” Brett said gently.

“Get to know us,” Nathaniel added. “Hopefully, you’ll like us. We really want you to like us, Kaley.”

Whatever Kaley thought they would say to defend themselves, that certainly wasn’t it. It gave her pause.

She was so confused. Her heart was beating so fast, her chest actually hurt. She just couldn’t deal with anymore tonight. She needed rest. She needed to escape from her life the only way she knew how—by sleeping. She only prayed that her dreams would be calm and soothing instead of filled with worry and fear like they usually were.

“Go to sleep. We have a lot to do tomorrow,” she said finally, unable to put any real force into her words. She was just too damned tired.

“Demanding little thing, isn’t she, Brett?” Nathaniel asked his best friend, secretly loving every minute of Kaley’s attitude and strength. This woman was never going to take any crap from them. Ever.

“Deal with it,” Kaley muttered, turning over and snuggling deeper under the blankets.

Covering the bottom of her face with the blanket as she moved awkwardly to get comfortable, she gave in to the urge to smile again. Something fluttered within her chest that she didn’t quite understand. Holy crap! Was it happiness?

As much as she hated to admit it, she knew that it was. She really liked the way they teased her. Although she still remained skeptical, she couldn’t help but tuck this happy moment into her heart. She was actually enjoying their company. She already felt a connection to them, and knew that it was getting stronger the more time she spent with them. Sighing softly, she gave herself a silent talk, cautioning herself to be careful. She couldn’t get carried away with the fantasy of a happily-ever-after.

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