Guardian Warrior Mates, Prophecy of Salvation

Novel 1

Alexa's Warrior Mate

Guardian Warrior Mates,

Prophecy of Salvation 1

Sebastian and Lexi's Story

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Release Date: October 12, 2015

Novel 1

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LM Dreams

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Alexa's Warrior Mate

Alexa “Lexi” Gallagher is a soldier with great responsibilities. She led her six younger sisters and niece on a daring escape from Earth to travel to the world of Altavesta. Finding the man she was destined to love was not something she ever thought was a possibility.

Sebastian Mathieson is king of Altavesta. His duty is to his people and to the worlds that the Guardian Warriors protected. His personal happiness had been shelved long ago—until that afternoon by the lagoon.

Lexi’s soul called to his. He knew without a doubt that she was his life mate. Touching her would begin their bonding, increase their magic, and share their gifts. Claiming Lexi as his was what he wanted and needed.

The ancient prophecy of the warriors with violet eyes joining with the Guardian Warriors would be realized. Together, they would fight the evil that threatened many worlds. Peace would reign. Love, happiness, and babies would finally be gifted to the lonely king.

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Sebastian dipped his head below the water’s surface again, taking pleasure in the feel of the warmth of it. It was just the right temperature to cool him, yet not so cold as to make him uncomfortable. Pushing himself upward, he broke the surface and smoothed his long hair back from his face. He looked out at the horizon and sighed, enjoying the beauty of his world. Clouds drifted lazily across the sky that was awash in color, filling him with a sense of beauty and melancholy at the same time.

He stood slowly, wading toward the shore and stopping when the water was just below his chest. His dark blond hair hung to his shoulders. He wiped at his face slowly, pushing the water from his eyes and cheeks, brushing aside his thoughts of sadness and loneliness at the same time. He sighed tiredly, not wanting to relinquish his brief escape from his duties and responsibilities.

It was then that he saw the movement on the beach before him. He remained calm. Whatever was causing that movement did not precipitate the rush of his men to come forward to protect him. That fact was telling. He stood his ground and waited while the brush rimming the edge of the beach parted and a woman walked toward the water. She carried a small child. It was obvious that she led the small band of women who followed a few paces behind her.

She was tall, with light brown hair that fell in gentle curls to just below her shoulders. She was clad in soft, brown pants and wore a delicate white blouse with full sleeves that were gathered at each elbow with small golden buckles. She wore a black vest over the blouse that was laced together with golden ribbons, making it conform to her full breasts and narrow waist, and accenting the feminine flare of her hips. His body tightened in arousal immediately.

As he faced the group of women, he was glad that the water reached to just below his chest so that the hardness of his shaft was hidden from them. He was confused by his sudden urge to grab the woman holding the child and love her with an intense passion that he had never felt for any woman before. Everything within him screamed at him to go to her and claim her as his.

“I think he might be the one,” Lexi said softly as they walked toward the water.

Happiness lit her eyes. She had been watching the powerful body of the golden man as his determined strokes propelled him through the water before her. It had taken her some time to evaluate the situation from the hidden position that she and her siblings had taken in the fertile foliage surrounding the lagoon.

Bree had used her gift to reach out to the man in the water as well as the men who were within the small cove of trees who were obviously guarding the lone swimmer. She had felt only honor and protective instincts. Their father had told them to trust Bree’s gift. That’s what Lexi was doing now. They came to a mutual decision to approach the man in the water.

Holding her niece securely within her arms, she stepped in front of her sisters and stood before him as he stood chest-high in the water. She faced him squarely with a look of determination in her eyes and a sword in her hand. She would not allow him to harm any of them. It didn’t matter that Bree had said they could trust him. Lexi wasn’t about to chance the safety of her family.

“I’ve been watching you swim,” she called out to him.

“Have you?” he called back, amusement evident in his voice. He was pleased by her honesty.

“Yes,” she told him calmly. “I’m not certain if you can help us, but it’s obvious by the number of men who guard you that you must be someone of importance in this world.”

Sebastian looked at the foliage behind the women and saw his men standing there. They pushed through the thick shrubbery as they silently took their places behind the women. He noticed that each of them was staring intently at the group of strangers and was suddenly concerned for the females. Pressing the magic within him out in a gentle wave, he surrounded the women and searched their hearts. He sensed no threat from the women despite the fact that each of them was armed.

He saw Torin step forward, reaching for the blade that hung from the scabbard at his waist. The warriors that flanked Torin saw the movement of their commander’s hand and reached for the hilts of their own blades. Something close to panic gripped Sebastian. He could not allow these women to be harmed or frightened. He held his hand up to halt his men’s movements. They held their position without question.

“What help do you need from me, my lady?” Sebastian asked calmly, folding his arms across his muscled chest to watch the woman and waited patiently for her response. He felt a warmth filling him as his soul reached out to hers. It was something that had never happened to him before, but he was not fearful of the connection.

The child within the woman’s arms stirred suddenly, crying softly into the woman’s chest. He watched as the woman sheathed her sword and raised her hand to stroke the child’s head lovingly, petting her blonde hair in soothing caresses.

His chest constricted at the gentleness of this woman, finding that he had a moment of being unable to take in a breath. Her tenderness and maternal instinct touched him in a way that was surprising to him. Yes, he appreciated a tender woman who was a loving mother, but this woman affected him on a much deeper level than that.

He was captivated by the beautiful warrior before him. He had the sudden flash of a vision of this woman holding his child to her breast. In that vision, she was looking down at the tiny babe and smiling softly. Turning to look up at him, Sebastian could see the complete happiness reflected in her eyes. She looked at him in a way that no other woman had ever looked at him before. The deep love she had for him was unmistakable.

The pure joy that filled him because of that possibility nearly sent him to his knees. This gentle warrior was his match. She was the woman destined to be his life mate. He knew it as sure as he was certain that his heart was beating and he was breathing. His soul had already called out to hers. The first step in the bonding process had already taken place.

“Is your child well?” he asked her quietly, finally able to find his voice. He took a step toward her, suddenly needing to be closer to her.

“She’s my child,” the woman beside her spoke, reaching out to take the little girl from the safety of the other woman’s arms to cuddle her against her body, leaving the woman who stood before them with her hands free to be able to reach for her weapons if she needed to.

Sebastian realized in that moment that the women before him were capable warriors. They each carried weapons, a combination of short blades and daggers, and more were tucked within their vests and the wide belts that they wore. They also carried pulse weapons, attesting to the fact that they came from a world with superior technology.

Sebastian saw the aura of white that surrounded them. He knew without a doubt that they were good women. They were stunningly beautiful, but there was a quality of innocence that blanketed each of them. He also saw the dull haze of sorrow and pain that wavered within their auras. These women drew him with a strength that he did not understand. He wanted to help ease their pain.

A measure of hope surged within him. He watched silently as the rest of the women surrounded the first as if to ready themselves for battle. None went for the weapons that were strapped to their hips—beautifully feminine hips, to be sure, but the promise was there. He had no doubt in his mind that these gentle warriors would offer him and his men a skilled, and very probably deadly, fight.

It was then that the words of the ancient prophecy flashed within his mind, making him stumble back in the water and nearly sending him beneath the surface of the soothing warmth. The leader of the women stepped forward, not caring that she immersed her boots and trousers to her knees in the tepid water as she faced him, concern obvious in her eyes.

Violet eyes!

“Are you all right?” she called to him quickly.

Lexi made to move toward him but stopped, aware that she might be making a mistake and putting all of them in danger. The draw she had to this man was great, but she had to temper her need to go to him. She didn’t understand why she had such feelings, but she knew better than to give in to her own desires. The safety of her sisters and her niece was all that mattered.

He nodded slowly and stood to face her calmly. Water cascaded down his body, drawing her attention to his chiseled chest and flat, sculpted stomach. She had the sudden desire to reach out and touch the golden, tanned skin. Her heart began to pound, and she felt a clenching within her womb. She was sure that everyone could hear the increased sound of her rapid breathing as attraction and desire slammed through her.

She blushed in embarrassment, knowing that it was her own imagination that everyone could sense her thoughts and feelings. Only her sister Bree would know. She looked at her sister now and blushed once again at the eyebrow that lifted in surprise on her sister’s delicate face.

“Lexi?” Bree whispered in confusion.

“We’ll talk about it later,” Lexi told her quickly.

“You bet your ass, we will,” Bree answered quietly, fighting the smile that threatened to escape as she looked up at her older sister.

Sebastian looked at the women and counted. There were seven women and one child. It was obvious that the women were capable warriors, with a child that was a warrior-in-the-making. And they all had violet eyes. They were the ones that he and his people had been waiting for. They had arrived on Altavesta to fulfill the ancient prophecy.

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