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Sweet angel Bernadette has found babies who need her. She will protect them, love them, and guide them as they grow toward their beautiful destinies with the mates who will give them a life filled with love and happiness.

Love …

Something that each and every one of us searches for and wishes for. It’s what keeps us going and gives us hope in a lonely and, oftentimes, cruel world.

Each of the novels in this series is a standalone novel. Each story is unique unto itself. Time doesn’t play a factor in these stories…because time knows no boundaries when true love is involved.

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Lover of My Dreams

Childhood friends Sam, Rachel, and Roy were inseparable—three lost souls who protected each other. When Sam’s father threatened their futures, Rachel did what she had to do in order to protect them all. She left.

Ten years later, Rachel retreats to the quiet of the Colorado mountains. She needs isolation from the outside world to heal from a brutal date attack.

Sam has had it with socially elite women—especially his ex-fiancée. He needs to go back to the mountains and create a home, complete with a baby or two.

When Rachel is injured, Sam is there to take care of her. He loves the way she defies him, makes him laugh, and makes him need. A future with her would be filled with love and babies.

Angelic dreams help Sam and Rachel know they’re fated to be together despite the interference of others. It will be up to Roy and his wife Paulette to help nudge fate along.

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